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cmd system segment level application system

as an important part of the cmd system, the cmd segment-level application system solves the shortcomings of the cmd system in terms of the small amount of real-time data transmission and the analysis and application of locomotive data through the construction of high-speed wlan network and ground analysis system. this system realizes high-speed exchange of vehicle-ground data through the constructed wlan wireless network, solving the problems of high-density data transmission of ldp record locomotives, downloading of tcms microcomputer raw files, downloading of 6a raw files and at1 travel raw data, downloading of tcds files, etc., which cannot be realized by the existing cmd system, achieving the purpose of fully automatic acquisition of key locomotive data through information technology; automatic analysis and processing of data can be realized by cooperating with professional software such as the whole preparation system, 6a expert system and tcms expert system; it also solves the problem that data cannot be shared on the platform. the application of data analysis and processing, generation of result reports and ticketing are organically integrated to further promote the degree of computerization of the machine service.

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