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locomotive maintenance operation management system

based on the requirements of the general administration of railways' "general scheme of railway locomotive management information system" (transportation information planning letter {2014} no. 424), combined with the company's continuous research and development and delivery of locomotive maintenance operation management system products over the years, we have deposited a thick business foundation and technical reserve. based on the overhaul process of the locomotive section/overhaul section, combined with the overhaul operation management process, it realizes the information management of locomotive overhaul process and parts overhaul process such as c1-c6 repair and provisional repair. in accordance with the requirements of locomotive replacement repair and specialized centralized repair of major parts, the information and network management of locomotive overhaul production in the locomotive section is realized, and key control is carried out on name-recorded overhaul and locomotive parts (accessories) inspection and test to ensure that qualified accessories are on board, combined with value overhaul to provide guarantee for restoring the basic quality of locomotives. at the same time, the three standards of "management, technology and operation" and the daily management content are integrated to realize the management of all elements of "people, machines, materials, methods and environment".

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