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vehicle mounted bow net monitoring system

the on-board pantograph monitoring system mainly focuses on the problem of pantograph network failure during train operation, and monitors the pantograph structure status, pantograph network burning arc, pantograph network heating, contact network suspension, contact network geometric parameters, contact line wear, contact network hard spot, pantograph network traction current, pantograph network contact force, etc. in case of abnormal condition of the pantograph network, the on-board pantograph monitoring system can alert in real time through tcms and send data images and alarm signals to occ or ground service terminal in real time through the vehicle-ground network transmission channel, and the ground terminal can view the real-time video, fault video and historical video of the video monitoring camera through the pis channel to achieve fast and accurate treatment of pantograph network accidents and prior maintenance of hidden problems in power supply lines, so as to achieve the effect of ensuring power supply safety and reducing accident losses.

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