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urban rail integrated operation simulation training system

the urban rail comprehensive operation simulation training system can be used to train and assess the job skills of personnel in various positions of urban rail transportation. the system is based on the real principle of simulation, which can restore the actual situation of the operation site to the greatest extent, and can meet the needs of each profession and each post in terms of primary standard operation, abnormal handling of faults, multi-work emergency drills, equipment maintenance and other aspects of examination and training. for the train operation scenario, the "key technology of virtual operation environment for urban rail trains", which won the first prize of sichuan provincial science and technology progress, was adopted to realistically restore the complex operation environment of "human-vehicle-line network", and to build a new generation of multi-worker joint exercise comprehensive platform based on cutting-edge technologies such as scene modeling, virtual sound field reconstruction and visual correlation analysis, which provides a digital, automated and intelligent comprehensive platform for equipment design, program verification and personnel training, and improves the quality and efficiency of related work.

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