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cabin crew training equipment

crew training equipment: the cabin simulator (dynamic) of specific types can simulate aircraft taxiing, take-off, cruising, bumping, landing and various fault states, and is a special equipment for training crew members to correctly use onboard emergency equipment in an aircraft in an emergency situation, and to correctly and skillfully open various types of aircraft escape exits and guide passengers to quickly evacuate from the cockpit in accordance with the prescribed emergency evacuation procedures. the simulator motion platform adopts all-electric motion platform, with low energy consumption, simple installation and low maintenance, and also has a more realistic simulation of dynamic simulation, which can simulate the impact motion, vibration and continuous acceleration of lift, forward and backward, left and right displacement and pitch, lateral tilt and yaw in six degrees of freedom, which can simulate the motion feeling of acceleration, deceleration, lateral tilt, impact and bump felt by the aircraft in the process of taxiing, take-off, cruise and emergency landing, etc.

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