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railway freight safety monitoring products - video monitoring system for wagon loading status (line)

the system consists of fiber optic channel, equipment gantry, truck loading video equipment (hd camera), car number identification equipment and networking application system; it adopts advanced computer network technology and information processing and integration technology to realize automatic collection, detection monitoring and centralized management of cargo loading status hd video and image information, providing clear and intuitive truck loading information for freight management departments and operation departments at all levels to realize the four synchronization of "synchronous observation, synchronous discovery, synchronous marking and synchronous alarm", which greatly improves the timeliness and accuracy of train cargo loading status detection. cargo inspection operators can carry out the inspection of the loading status of trucks without leaving home. the main functions include: image acquisition by vehicle, by vehicle number, matching with existing vehicle or confirmed report through detection data, reshowing by vehicle number, departure station, arrival station, name, escort, etc., real-time monitoring, image playback, arbitrary drag and drop, arbitrary zoom, image capture, alarm management, passing vehicle information inquiry, statistical analysis, etc.

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