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railway freight informatization class-intelligent derailer protection plate detection system

as required by railroad regulations for loading and unloading operations, guard plates are monitored and confirmed at four points: incoming, received, placed, and removed. the original approach was to use manual registration, signatures, installation and removal in a haphazard manner. such an approach is not conducive to modern management and access to automated management information systems with the interface of information systems, not to mention the real-time control of the safety of line vehicles and operators, has been established in the qinghai-tibet railway company, and began to use in the chengdu railway bureau. according to "railway loading and unloading safety technical rules 244" requirements of the development of railway derailer protection plate detection device in the original protection plate on the addition of 1 monitoring device, the collection of the protection plate number, placement, withdrawal, withdrawal time, location, confirm the identity of the operator and loading and unloading operations team operations in the derailer protection plate hanging work sign lock, the equipment will automatically upload information to the "railway derailer management system" for management, to ensure the safety of railway traffic and life safety, station personnel related to line safety conditions and derailer protection plate equipment more accurate control, but also to facilitate the line vehicle pick-up and delivery operations arrangements. the railway smart derailer protection sign provides a data interface to the railway freight station safety monitoring and management system.

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