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electronic blocking - active electronic blocking

the active electronic squeegee developed by our company conforms to the enterprise standard of china national railways group limited "railway electronic squeegee part 1: active electronic squeegee" (q/cr 685.1-2018). active electronic blockade is mainly applied to china's railway transportation of high value-added goods and central europe and central asia trains. in addition to the locking and handing functions of traditional blockade, it can also realize two major functions of real-time positioning and lock breaking alarm. the active electronic lockout uses hall sensors and limit switches that can effectively prevent criminals from opening and destroying the lock body abnormally. the embedded logic control program used can significantly reduce energy consumption, meet the needs of long-distance and long-time railway transportation, meet the need for real-time positioning under harsh conditions, and be more adaptable. in order to realize the automatic tracking and management of railway transportation throughout the whole process, and to improve the security and service level.

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