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engineering equipment - bridge static load inspection system

qljc01 automatic control system for railway bridge static load test can automatically complete the whole process of loading test as stipulated by tb/t2092, with the characteristics of synchronous loading, precise, balanced, simple operation, stable and safe structure, high integration and low maintenance, etc., which realizes the automation and informationization of the whole process of railway bridge static load bending test. with the further expansion of the scale of high-speed railway construction in the 13th five-year plan, the application volume of railway bridges will increase significantly. china's high-speed railways mainly use bridges to lay, according to statistics, bridges account for more than 55% of the total length of the line, at present, the domestic railway bridge production management to implement the national production license system, in accordance with the "prestressed concrete railway bridge simply supported beam static load bending test method and assessment standards" (tb/t2092) is the main means of assessing the quality performance of the bridge static load bending test.

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