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27.5kv pre-installed column-mounted switchgear

the 27.5kv pre-installed column-mounted switchgear is a traction power supply device that arranges high-voltage electrical equipment on an integral steel frame and integrates integrated automation, power supply, auxiliary monitoring and other measurement and control protection systems. all high-voltage electrical equipment of 27.5kv preassembled column switchgear stations are preassembled according to the typical wiring pattern to form basic unit modules; through flexible splicing between basic unit modules, power supply facilities such as zone stations, at stations, opening and closing stations, parallel stations and branch line switchgear stations can be combined. the pre-installed column switchgear station is installed outdoors and can be completed within the plant for joint adjustment and testing of primary and secondary systems; it has the characteristics of high integration, convenient transportation, small footprint, simple construction and convenient on-site commissioning; it has a wide range of application scenarios, effectively shortening the construction cycle and reducing engineering costs.

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