jda-3100 intelligent auxiliary monitoring system

jda-3100 intelligent auxiliary monitoring system is developed for auxiliary monitoring function of traction substation (including at substation, partition substation, opening and closing substation, the same below). according to the basic requirements of digitalization of station-wide information, networking of communication platform and standardization of information sharing, through system integration and optimization, it realizes unified access, unified storage, unified processing, unified display and unified transmission of station-wide information, with functions of operation monitoring, operation and control, comprehensive analysis of information and intelligent alarm, operation management and auxiliary application, providing technical support for unmanned duty and supporting intelligent operation and maintenance of traction power supply system. jda-3100 intelligent auxiliary monitoring system follows the latest technical specifications of intelligent traction power supply system formulated by china railway group corporation, and contains six subsystems, including video and inspection subsystem, environment monitoring subsystem, security prevention and access control subsystem, fire alarm subsystem, power lighting subsystem and online monitoring subsystem (optional), etc. through centralized integration and unified management of each subsystem, it realizes unified collection, coding, storage and uploading of auxiliary information such as video, environment, security alarm information, fire alarm information and online monitoring data of substation, and the monitoring platform completes comprehensive monitoring, integrated display, unified management and maintenance functions of the whole system, and realizes intelligent linkage between each subsystem.

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