inverter-feedback type regenerative braking energy utilization device

inverter-feedback regenerative braking energy utilization device for urban rail transit applications. the device has a variety of working modes, working in inverter mode, through the voltage stabilization control of the dc side of the traction network, to ensure the full play of the train regenerative electric braking function, reduce the brake tile wear, improve the tunnel environment, the remaining braking energy back to the ac grid, reduce traction energy consumption, to achieve the re-use of the train regenerative braking energy; working in rectifier mode, improve the quality of the rectifier unit power supply; working in reactive power compensation mode, to achieve distributed reactive power compensation, reduce the line loss, reduce the investment in reactive power compensation equipment at the main office. the device adopts a three-level main circuit topology, which has a low impact on the harmonics of the ac grid, and has a networked multi-device intelligent coordination control function to ensure that the braking energy is utilized by adjacent vehicles in priority.

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the products have been successfully applied to more than 20 lines in beijing, chengdu, changsha, chongqing, shijiazhuang, tianjin, nanchang, qingdao, guiyang and other cities.